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Why we are positive about discipline

Over the course of decades I've had the privilege of guiding many children as they begin their education journey. One of the most frequent questions I hear is "How do you get them to listen?". That answer is many fold and has to do with relationship dynamics that make it easier for me to manage many children at a time. But one of the pivotal parts of that puzzle comes down to discipline. Positive discipline specifically.

Positive discipline builds on a strong foundation of common sense strategies to help your child be part of a whole. In our environment, that is a school classroom, but it also works fabulously at home, or anywhere else your child is.

One of the reasons it is so effective is the focus on respect for the child, and the expectation of respect from the child. By modeling the behavior you want to see, and avoiding less desirable behaviors, you are setting up a family dynamic that is beneficial for the peace of the family and the development of the children.

We are often asked how you can support your child's Montessori education at home. Incorporating a similar discipline structure is extremely effective and calming for the child. Common structure makes for emotionally strong children. So lets continue to work together for the best outcome for your child.


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