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Back To School!

It's getting to be that time. So whether you've been traveling, doing summer camps, or just relaxing at home, here are some things to make the transition back to school easier.

Adjust wake up times now. Easing back into your normal schedule takes time. Start by slowly changing wake up times until you're closer to the time you need to get up for school. Fifteen minute increments every few days will help your child adjust without over tiring them.

Double check what supplies you'll need. Don't waste money on preschool sized backpacks or insulated lunch bags if they aren't needed. Check with school to see what is required and what will be sent back home unused.

Make sure school clothes and shoes are appropriate. Most schools have parameters for clothing and shoes to ensure children are comfortable and safe. You might be surprised at how much your kids have grown too.

Make a note of what can and cannot come with your kids. Schools have safety rules due to licensing requirements and safety concerns. Some items like jewelry, hats, sunglasses, and toys not allowed at school. Relaying this to your children ahead of time can ease the morning meltdowns if they know they'll have to change or leave items in the car.

Shop and plan together. Kids are more likely to eat the food you send if they have some say in what is packed. Remember that some schools don't allow candy or juice in lunches, but a post school car snack is something to look forward to!

Make the first day of school less stressful. Set out clothes, shoes, and accessories the night before. You can even pack lunches and put them in the refrigerator so the morning goes smoothly.

We can't wait to see everyone!

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