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Welcome Back!!

It's school time again!! We can't wait to welcome everyone back. This summer was incredibly busy. We added some new faces to the classroom. Please take a minute to introduce yourself to our new families when you see them.

As we get back into our normal routine, a couple of reminders to help your child transition back to school.

1. Bedtime. Please let us know if your child is having trouble getting back on schedule. Sleep is very important at this age, and it can affect their entire day. Lets work together to make sure they are well rested.

2. Breakfast and Lunch. Please skip the donuts and Pop Tarts. Sugar burns fast and causes serious energy crashes during the morning. Please make sure high protein breakfast and lunches are the norm. Whole fruits and veggies are necessary every single day. Please see previous blogs about nutrition and the carb overload we are seeing.

3. Just say no to screen time! Kids don't need to be in front of a TV or iPad before school. In keeping with fostering their independence, make sure they have plenty of time to dress themselves and get ready to come to school.

4. Preschool wardrobe. It is SO tempting to get a slew of adorable "back to school" outfits, but watch what you're buying. The cutest new clothes may not be user friendly for your child. Comfortable, easy to manage clothes are the best. Save the belts, jumpsuits, and skinny jeans for the future. Your kids want to run, play, explore, and be independent, please dress them accordingly. And don't forget the easy to manage shoes!

Hope you had a great summer! And welcome back!

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