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A Note About the Virtues

You may have noticed that we have a monthly set of virtues that can be downloaded. Each virtue listed comes with a description and a set of easy to follow statements about the topic. But why? What impact can this have on preschool age children.

In truth, use of the virtues and what we refer to as the "language of the virtues" is an integral part of this school. Children of this age are starting from a very egocentric view of the world, and progressing toward an ability to understand other peoples point of view. This movement is helping them to internalize discipline. In short, they are moving away from doing things to keep out of trouble, and beginning to understand the "why" of kind and virtuous behavior. Because of this growth it is imperative that we, as adults, give children a firm logical foundation for their actions. It is easy to believe that "because I said so" is enough of a reason, but it isn't. That reasoning will only result in a child who behaves when they are watched, we want more for our students. So we talk the virtues.

Virtues are not limited to a specific religion, or any religion. We welcome families from all backgrounds and belief structures. The virtues are simply those necessary, invaluable bits of reason that we hope will take root and grow within the hearts of our students. Children want to learn things that are real . They crave knowledge and information in their quest to make sense of the world. So we tailor our virtue lessons toward those that are relevant to what is happening. During the holidays we speak about generosity, thankfulness, and loyalty. This coming month as we speak about civil rights and Martin Luther King Jr. we will talk about tolerance, justice,idealism, and honor. The children will hear the words often. We also ask the parents to reinforce these lessons at home, and to make it a part of their family talk. The families that embrace these lessons are amazed to see how much their children understand, and how eager they are to put in practice what they are learning. So we encourage you to look over what our children will be learning this month, and incorporate it into your home lessons. We can all find ways to be more loving and virtuous.

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