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Supporting your independent child

As we begin the new school year, lets take a moment to appreciate your amazing children. In a few short years they have progressed from helpless infants to incredible little people with a rapidly growing sense of independence and self worth. It can be hard as parents to learn when and how to let go.

One of the most important thing you will hear from the classroom guides is how to keep your child moving forward. We encourage you not to backslide. This simply means that once your child masters a task, whether it be putting on their shoes or brushing their teeth, we don't help more than is absolutely necessary. They own that now. When we as adults intervene we are giving an unspoken critique on the child's ability. It may take them a little longer, there may be cleanup involved, but that is just another way your child is refining their abilities.

So how can you help? Plan a little extra time for getting ready. Have reasonable expectations. If you see that they are struggling, give them some space. If you feel you need to intervene, always ask first and respect their answer. If you are not sure of what they are capable of, ask us what they do in school. Parents are often surprised to learn that a task that is "too hard" at home is accomplished easily at school.

All these little things lead to a confident, independent child. One that is ready to conquer the day!

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