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Homeschooling by necessity

We are all reeling from the recent pandemic sweeping our globe. Schedules are changing, schools are switching to virtual learning and we are all adjusting to our new normal.

So what do we do with our Montessori kids? How can we help them navigate this big upheaval.

One of the best aspects of Montessori is it's focus on a homelike environment. The first Montessori schools were literally named The Children's House, and they replicated a homelike environment geared toward incorporating the child into the adults day, as opposed to segregating them into a

children's area. This is something we continue to hold dear, and it is one of the aspects of Montessori life that is the easiest to replicate in the home.

So while you are at home, look around and see how you can alter your daily life to incorporate your child's need to be purposeful, diligent, and responsible. Daily chores like cleaning and tidying are something that children enjoy beyond what most adults can understand. Make it easy for them. Set up snack and drink areas that make it easy for your child to take care of themselves. Involve them in meal preparations and clean up. Kids dearly love to be involved and helpful. It gives them a sense of purpose. It makes them feel connected and important to the home community. This is how we create such a warm loving environment for your child here at school. We make them feel like they are in charge of their day with help and guidance from the adults.

Make the time to study nature. Play the silence game outside. Find something to draw or create nature crafts. Be present. Be safe.


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